2009-01-18 06:52:51 by blue-mess


At last, we've managed to make an awesome new portal for you all at - "The Spirit Gateway"!

Comments and thoughts are very welcome, we want it to be a place where YOU can enjoy yourself ^^
Link to portal:

Please note, you'll need to register first if you would like to submit something.
We play / watch everything you make, and we're loving it all ^^

~The NH Team

Showcase your flash works!

2008-06-17 13:37:40 by blue-mess

Hey NG!

I've set up a swanky new website, but the only thing missing is some brilliant flash artists!
If anyone would be interested in showcasing their flashes, I'd be happy to let you join the community:

We have so far;
A blogger (GrannyGoatsEars)
An artist (Flumaker)
me! Webmaster / newbie flash designer

If you're interested in being a part of the growing community at leave a comment!

Thanks :D
~Chris / BluMess

Cursor Quest is here ;D

2008-05-03 10:51:09 by blue-mess

Well, finall and only 15 days off schedule, Cursor Quest is here!
AND, it went on the front page within like 4 hours :D
Wow, that's pretty awesome.

Thanks to all those people who have left reviews - I try to respond to most of them! It looks like my buddy Tarobeast is helping out with the responses

My website's still in construction but I urge you to go and take a peek at it:

On a side note, I'm looking for flash artists who wish to showcase their prjoects on my site and become and active part in it (e.g posting on the front page, making a profile etc.)
If you are interested, drop me an email at

Oh, you'll get your own email address too ^^

Cya soon!

~Chris / BluMess

Some Super Awesomeness is Scheduled! ;O

2008-03-24 16:41:40 by blue-mess

Hey NG!
Hah, my first post ;)
Anyway! I've been beavering away at what I think will be a major milestone in my flashes (as you can see they're pretty crap but I made them years ago.)
It's called Cursor Quest, bit cheesy but I'm sure you'll live. What? You won't? Aww.
Well, the story line so far is that you play a cursor who has been training for years to become stronger (name unknown) and to be a hero. Around this time, the king of the land has been robbed by Anzaroth, the sinister evil twin of the king himself! Anazroth has taken the 5 power stars, leaving the king powerless!
On top of that, the king's spiritual orbs have been taken by his evil twin as well, which have been scattered over the 5 different stages of the game - these orbs are 'Hope', 'Peace', 'Courage', Honour' and 'Wisdom'.

To progress in the game, you must play as the cursor and complete the 5 stages. After each stage but the first one, you will need to kill a boss in order to capture the power star for that stage. Each stage is split up into about 10 - 20 levels, which are quite short and require quick thinking. In each level, you MUST collect all of the spiritual orbs whilst trying to avoud the obstacles or enemies in your way. If you get hit you lose some health.

So yeah, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy Cursor Quest when it's finally released - I'm giving a release date around about the 10th April, maybe?

If you want to try a demo, visit my site at
the direct link to it is:
The frame rate is a lot better in the one I'm making. It's looking pretty good :D I'm just adding the finishing touches to the world map, adding music and sounds, and it'll be ready to go soon :)

Thanks, NG, cya around!